4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

About one-third of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad.


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Establish Your Media Presence

Your customers are watching more video. The statistics prove that your target audience is watching video, which is probably the only benefit you need to hear:

92% of B2B prospects consume online video.

Video Marketing...

Videos Convert

Prospects Into Customers.

Video ads convert sales. The biggest names in online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, report that adding a video ad to a product description increases the chances of a shopper buying that item by up to 35%.

People share video. Those who view a video ad and find it interesting or valuable will share it with their followers on social media. In fact, more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute. This phenomenon can increase your video’s exposure exponentially.

Grow your business through video advertising...

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Build trust in your company!

A Spokesperson connects emotionally with your viewer.

Whiteboard animations are engaging.                   

They make the viewer feel good and want to take action.

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“Instant Credibility”

Customer testimonials and real reviews that share HONEST experiences real customers have had with you.

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